onsdag 17 augusti 2011

Adult braces and pulling teeth

I get extremely upset when I think about the fact that the government paid for something that might have damaged more parts of my health than I can imagine. (For example, my weird blood pressure and heart palpitations could be related because that's what happens when you can't breathe properly at night.) This is probably going to cost me at least 15.000 dollars (possibly more) to fix. I want treatment immediately but I realize it's not possible. I must make up my mind first about what country I want to live in.
I have surfed around on some blogs written by people who wear braces. Most of them are teenagers and adults and a lot of them were adviced to have teeth pulled. It's sure is strange that extraction orthodontics is so big in Sweden when the side effects have been discussed in the USA since the 1980's. Anyway, I have commented on blogs written by people who didn't yet go through with the decision. When commenting I always try to be humble, saying stuff like, "it never hurts to be aware of the debate".
Maybe I should stop doing this though? It doesn't seem like I can get through to them. They trust their orthodontists completely. It is just very hard when you see pictures of very mild crowding and know that extractions were suggested even for those. I know all too well that my words might not matter to them. They so desperately want to believe that this simple offer of free orthodontics will solve the matter. I think it's wishful thinking that traditional braces with extractions will take care of everything and that there are no side effects whatsoever.
I can only speak for myself but I do due diligence before I have anything done. Google is my friend. When I had my orthodontics done there was no Internet to help me (well, it did exist but nobody was aware of it). One glance at Facefocused.com would have made me turn down treatment for sure.

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  1. It is very unfortunate that there are people who are having a hard time adjusting to their teeth braces. It is best to consult Austin pediatric dentists (for example) or orthodontists when such side effects occur upon wearing such.

  2. Well, that sounds good, but for me, personally, my orthodontist wanted to have little to do with any issues. Kept coming up with excuses. I've had my braces off for six months now, and I still have bad/sad feelings over the experience. Treated like a 12 year old, but maybe I shouldn't linger. I did finally talk to the office manager about some of my issues, and she did respond. So, that was certainly good. I just feel like a was kind'a taken a bit. I'm pleased with how my braces look, but not pleased with the lost strength (still can't bite into an apple, for instance). And, please, don't tell me that is to be expected. I was not informed of about 85% of any of the negative things that can happen with braces. They were made out to me to be "easy," and they were NOT. Sorry. Like I said, I still have lingering feelings.

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  5. I had a tooth pulled and it did not help me at all. Now I have a weird gap in my teeth. That was when I was younger, now that I'm older I'm forced to go to an orthodontist in Edmonton and get braces to fix it.

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