Why is retraction orthodontics risky?

People with malocclusions and crooked teeth very often have jaws that are too far back and too narrow. Traditional orthodontics that retracts teeth into the face could aggravate this problem. Every tiny millimeter can make a difference. The bite risks ending up too far back – even if the teeth are straight and fit together. This forces the tmj (jaw joint) to work in the wrong position. Braces that move teeth back into the mouth might also reduce tongue space. The tongue then moves further back towards the throat. This can lead to breathing difficulties and even sleep apnea.
Many scientific studies have shown that retraction orthodontics has negative effects on the face. If you have bite problems and crooked teeth you often have a long, narrow face with a big distance between the nose and the top front teeth. Very often the jaws also haven’t grown forward enough as they should. What happens when you move teeth backwards is that the face is guided to grow even longer and become narrower. The upper lip and the chin get sunken in. This can make the nose look bigger, the upper lip might get diagonal, you might get creases at your mouth, cheeks get flatter and you can get a double chin even if you’re thin. This gets worse throughout life and recent research shows that this method speeds up facial aging.
Today, a lot of people (especially in Europe) aren’t aware of the risks involved when they start their orthodontic treatment. Adults who get traditional braces are often told that there is no other alternative to extracting teeth when there are plenty of other options. These are the reasons I have this blog.

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