Braces and orthodontics - Important links

Forget about straight teeth for a moment and instead focus on a beautiful, balanced face, optimal airways and a well functioning jaw joint. Straight teeth come as a bonus! Dr. Hang solves the cause of the problem.
Traditional orthodontics retract teeth into the face and force the jaw joints into the wrong position which can damage many parts of your health. Orthotropics, founded by Dr. John Mew is an orthodontic method that guide the face to become like it should have had it grown correctly by helping the jaws grow forward. Straight teeth that don’t need a retainer is just a bonus.
For adults that are already fully grown – there is hope! The ALF appliance expands the jaws on adults without extractions or surgery. It also corrects cranial disorders. In other words it is an adult palate expander. It can also be used on kids and is recommended since it’s much gentler than the rapid palate expander. It is especially good for people who have TMJ disorders.

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